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Dog Wheelchairs for disability handicap or treatment recovery

Is your dog having difficulty walking?

Dogs lose the use of their back legs for a number of reasons – accident, old age, slipped disc, cancer or a degenerative condition such as hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy. For many dog owners there seems to be only one answer, and it’s not one they want to choose. We understand this situation as we have been there and the Walkin’ Wheels® or Walkin’ Wheels Mini® dog wheelchairs can be the solution - enabling your dog to run and play, get the exercise they need and live a happy life.

Why choose Walkin Wheels®

The Walkin Wheels® wheelchair was invented by Mark C. Robinson in the United States (US) and first went on sale in America in August 2008. They are available to fit dogs between 20 and 180lbs. The Walkin’ Wheels Mini® was launched in 2010 and has been designed to meet the needs of small pets weighing under 20lbs, such as Dachshunds & Yorkies. Walkin’ Wheels are different from all the pet wheels sold in the last 20 years because they are so completely adjustable.

Walkin' Wheels® Walkin' Wheels® Mini
Pals on the Beech Walkin Wheels Mini

Benefits of Walkin' Wheels® and Walkin' Wheels® Mini

Out and about with Walkin Wheels In the grass with Walkin Wheels Mini

Walkin Wheels® & Walkin Wheels® Mini are Light, durable, robust and easy to fit

Why order from

As we are in the United Kingdom (UK), we have taken care of the UK & EU importation procedures and HMRC costs. We’re able to give you any advice you may need by email and telephone. Plus our ordering, return and re-selling processes are straightforward.

Associated Services

We have listed some Online Resources which may be helpful to those caring for Disabled Dogs. If you visit any of these sites, please remember to return to wheels4dogs.

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