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They make putting boots on much easier - a walk in the park! They are also helpful if your dog still has dew claws.


Features and Benefits

• Cuff tapers to keep the liner in place - on the paws;
• Curved to follow the paw shape and minimize any bulk inside the
• Fibre wicks moisture, dries quickly, provides comfort &
stretches for comfort;
• Stitching in claw box provides additional durability
• Spandex allows liner to stretch.

Bark n' Boot Liners are quick drying and add to the comfort of Grip Trex and other dog boots.



Contact Becky using or click on the "Quotation Request" link at the top of this page.

Telephone Becky on 0800 072 3697 or 07791 414757.

£25   -   Normally in Stock

You will need to Measure the Paw Width of Your Pet before Ordering
See our Illustrated Guidance

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